Monday, May 12, 2014


The Nordic Museum (Sweden's history)

Kaknastornet (30 stories up!)

Touching the Baltic Sea!

Gamla Stan (behind the Royal Palace)

Vasa Museum

Hello again all! This post will be about my time spent this weekend in Stockholm (Sweden's capital). So things don't get confusing I'm going to do my best to tell things in chronological order...
Friday We ate at McDonald's before taking the bus to the train station.  Our first train took almost three hours to get to Stockholm. It was a wonderful scene...there was tons of water throughout the trip. Once we arrived, we got bus passes and found our hostel. We got settled in and quickly fell asleep.
Saturday After getting ready for the day, we found a place for breakfast. I had a coffee and chocolate muffin at the Expresso House. We (sort of) discovered how the buses ran and found out how to get to a stop close to the Vasa Museum. We spent a couple hours taking the guided tour, watching the film, and exploring. The Vasa is often referred to as "Sweden's Titanic". We then stumbled upon the Nordic Museum, which was all about Sweden's history (clothing, art, fashion, etc.). Afterwards, we found a restaurant for lunch close to a theme park. To get back to the central train station, we hopped on a very old tram that actually stopped much sooner than we had anticipated.  Stockholm's train station is much different than Linkoping's. It was full of shopping stores and restaurants (all inside which was a nice escape from the cold rain). We found it odd when stores started closing at 5:00PM. From there we headed to the Kaknastornet. The bus dropped us off a little ways from the tower and we chose to take the quicker route (through a less traveled muddy path in the woods). Once inside we pushed number 30 on the elevator and soon found ourselves in the clouds (as it was foggy and cloudy the entire weekend). On our way back to the hostel we stopped at Pizza Hut (which is much more fancy than the US). 
Sunday We decided to venture out to the Old Town to do a bit more shopping and find the Royal Palace. (This was of course after we stopped by Starbucks!!!) We found the island to be very confusing, but after some time wandering we found guards and knew we had arrived. Once we purchased our tickets we toured the Royal Apartments, the Treasury, and the Tre Kronor Museum. Luckily we were able to watch the changing of the guards which was very extensive including a band, speaker, and lots of saluting. Then we decided to wander some more, found a place for lunch and made our way back to the hostel to pick up out things. On the way to catch our train, we stopped to eat at MAX (Sweden's McDonald's). 

This weekend was much more relaxed and "go with the flow" than London. It was a wonderful time and I know I will cherish the memories forever.  Only 3 (almost 2 for me) days until I touch American soil again. Graduation is also quickly approaching! Best wishes to you all!!

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