Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring time = Testing Time

 Gamla Linkoping
 Gamla Linkoping (We think this was someone's back yard)
Kebab meal
 Longhorn (Can you tell I've been hungry lately?!)
Ericka and I at the goodbye get together

Hello again!! This post will be a bit of a mixture between what has been going on at school and a little about other things I have been doing while in Linkoping.
At school this week, my teacher has been testing students on Oral Comprehension in Mathematics. Therefore, we have not been in the classroom actually "teaching". Instead of an hour of math class, the time period is split into two sections of students. During this time 3 or 4 students meet Ms. Blume in a separate room. They are given calculators, rulers, pencils, and a large sheet of paper containing four graphs. Ms. Blume asks students questions pertaining to different graphs and/or different questions about individual graphs. Although I do not speak Swedish, through observation I believe that once one student answers other students are able to give their input as well.  The idea of this is to test their ability to comprehend, reason and understand graphs. The students are grouped (somewhat) based on varying abilities. As with any test, you can tell that some students are worried and anxious.  After the test is given we go back to Ms. Blume's office where she grades the students based on how well they answered the questions. The students who are not testing during their period for Math are in the original classroom preparing. Once again, I found myself observing the wonderful student-teacher relationship she has developed.  Speaking with them before and after the test, easing some of their anxieties (even if they did not perform well). Tomorrow, we will finish her portion of giving oral tests.  Next week, she will continue teaching again so I am looking forward to getting to interact more with the students and helping them with their individual work.

After school, I have been doing some odd and end things to take advantage of my time here.  On Monday, we had a Cinco de Mayo party with some people in Emily and Olivia's corridor along with two other student teachers from the University of Kentucky. We made tacos and provided nachos.  No one outside of the United States knew what the holiday was until we explained it to them. It was nice to sit and chat with people from so many different places. I left a little early, but one of the corridor mates even got his guitar out to sing a bit!  On Tuesday, Ericka met with us when she got out of school and took us to "Gamla Linkoping" or the Old Linkoping.  A small, antique-like part of the town. We went in a few shops but they were closing while we were there. I will go back next week to buy some chocolates to take home.  Before going home, Ericka and I went to eat at a little restaurant near the bus stop.  I had kebab for the first time! On Wednesday, I met Ericka downtown to do some shopping.  I didn't buy much but it was nice to look around at all of the stores.  For dinner, we had Longhorn Steakhouse.  I could tell I wasn't in America, but it was still very good!  Afterwards, we met up with everyone to say goodbye to the student teachers from the University of Kentucky. They are graduating this Saturday. Today after school I went to the grocery store and I also did some laundry. I have started to pack for Stockholm but I am not quite finished yet. We will leave tomorrow evening and return Sunday evening. We have already made some plans for next week and I look forward to sharing them with you all!! One week until I am back on American soil where refills are free and doors with handles show that you should pull the door not push =).  God bless!!

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