Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Please, mind the gap.

 As soon as we stepped out of the underground tube, we saw "Big Ben" (the tower, clock, and bell that stands at the end of the House of Parliament).
 While walking through the Royal Park, there were so many birds!
Our Yeoman Warder tour guide at the Tower of London. Here we also saw the crown jewels and walked around one of the buildings full of armory.

Westminster Abbey: STUNNING!! We toured here during the day on Friday and then at night attended an evensong service where we got to hear the men/boys choir sing.

This was taken in the Royal Park on a bridge, facing the Eye (a giant ferris wheel of "capsules").

After touring St. Paul's Cathedral, we climbed up to the Whispering Gallery, Stone Gallery, and Golden Gallery... a total of 528 steps and 280 feet high. 

 Typical tourist shot in a red photo booth =)
Buckingham Palace! (The flag was up which meant that Queen Elizabeth II was home)

In the tube, you are asked to "mind the gap" or as we would say "watch your step".
On Hogwart's Bridge at the Making of Harry Potter Tour at Warner Brother's Studios

Bridge of London

Hello all!! London was so much fun and an experience I will never forget! Although I would like to tell you every single detail about all the fabulous things I did, I truly believe I could not do any of it justice! To me, to truly appreciate the architecture, history, culture, and mindset of London you must go yourself. Instead, I will list them in the hopes that one day perhaps you will take an adventure yourself: Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, the National Portrait Gallery, Saint Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, The Making of Harry Potter Tour, Tower of London, Bridge of London, Platform 9 3/4, Big Ben, the Eye, House of Parliament.
As you can see, we crammed as much as humanly possible in the 3 days we were in London. I have never in my life been on so much public transportation at one time. While in London, we had to use the underground tube to get to cities in central London, overground bus when the tube wasn't working, train to get to and from the airport, bus to get from Stockholm airport to our city's central station, bus to get from central station to and from our dorms, and double decker bus to get to Harry Potter tour in multiple ways with multiple wait times with multiple complications (tube strike and construction)! I wouldn't trade it for the world =)

This week, we are doing National testing at my school. The system is much different from ours so I am enjoying learning new ways to test. I will post much more about it later! Cheers friends!!

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