Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why Sweden?

    Hello! It is that time!!! Sweden is here!! In a few short hours I will be finally in Linkoping. Months of planning have come to an end and this is where "the rubber meets the road". I am so excited for this adventure.  I have wanted to study abroad for a very long time.  I remember sitting in an advisory meeting my Freshman year at WKU and being told about the students who had student taught abroad that year (I think it was under 10).  I loved the idea, but of course the thought scared me.  This semester, over 60 student teachers are flying to various countries.  There are 3 of us going to Sweden, myself and two Elementary Education majors, Olivia and Emily. Our friend, Erika from a nearby city in Sweden will be picking us up at the airport.  Erika was student teaching abroad in Bowling Green just a few short months ago and we were able to network with her for this trip. For those of you who don't know, I will be teaching high school math with Mrs. Blume while I am abroad. Their education system is vastly different from ours and I am excited to experience new things!  
   When thinking about my first blog, I thought I should address a question I have been asked many times the past few months, "Why Sweden?".  My answer is to the point: "Why not?".  Why not go somewhere unique?  Somewhere uncommon?  Somewhere new?  Somewhere different?
    While on this trip, there are many things I think I would like to do.  But the most important will be to learn. Learn everything I can as quickly as I can.  I hope to be like a sponge, soaking it all in.  My emotions are many, but my heart is calm.  I have waited five years for this trip...and I am ready. 

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