Monday, April 28, 2014

A whole new world.

 Saturday at a Cafe by the park (Translates Tropic House)
 FIRST train ride! (From Linkoping to Norrkoping)
 Park in Downtown Linkoping on Sunday
 Exploring Norrkoping (lots of water and sidewalks)
 Attempting to help Ericka make Swedish meatballs
Beautiful cathedral in downtown Linkoping (Sunday)

Hello again! Things are very busy here. I am not blogging as much as I would like to. I will recap the last few days...
Friday: I went to school again, my teacher had a class meeting (similiar to homeroom) and taught Math 1. They are doing statistics: mean, median,etc. When I got home, I went with Emily to meet Ericka at the train station. We went with her downtown and then stopped on our way back at the McDonald's (much different than ours!). We thought we could take our food with us on the bus.. we were wrong and had to walk home (good exercise!!!). After, we hung out in their common area (living room/dining room) with some people Emily met who are from the University of Kentucky and some people they had met from Germany. 
Saturday: Olivia and I took a train to Norrkoping to meet Ericka. We went downtown to eat at a Chinese restaurant. After that, we walked a lot of the city. There were lots of rivers, waterfalls, old buildings, and parks. For a break, we went back to Ericka's room. I rode one of her bikes for a few minutes. Then Ericka took us to the grocery store to purchase items to make real Swedish meatballs. They are served with what looked to be gold potatoes, a gravy/brown sauce, and jam. Her cooking was much better than IKEA.  After we watched some TV, Ericka took us to the train stop and we came back home.
Sunday: We met the girls from the University of Kentucky again to go explore downtown Linkoping. They have been here since January and will leave a week before us. I had cappuccino and a chocolate muffin. We saw many things: the cathedral, park (full of flowers, people getting sun tans, a gazebo, fountains, people playing basketball, etc), high school, library, and graveyard. When we got back home, we made spaghetti and I did some laundry.  I had planned to blog when I got back to my room, but my corridor mates were having "fika".  It is where everyone sits to drink coffee and have some type of cake. It is very important here.  They take turns cleaning the common area and preparing fika. I had what was very similar to a brownie and we talked a lot about the differences in Sweden and America. 
I made sure to take pictures of the school today, but I think I will wait to post them. I plan to blog Wednesday, before we leave for London on Thursday morning! =). We will be back early Sunday morning, so I will have much to tell on my return. We have already purchased tickets to take the tour where Harry Potter was made. 

Until next time-best regards to all who are reading!

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  1. Richelle,

    Thanks for blogging. I enjoy starting my mornings reading about all of the fun things you are getting to do and the interesting sights and experiences you are getting to take in. This is a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Thank you for sharing with us. I hope you enjoy every minute. Lycka till!